‘De Ligstoelsessies’  2021

The continuation of the new ‘De Ligstoelsessies’ is initiated by the success of the last Covid-proof project during the fall of 2020. However, this time we are using a different approach. We are going a step further in terms of theatricality and stage presence, and we are putting the focus on the musicians as performers. In order to do so, Elsina Jansen will join the crew as stage director. She will be helping us discover our stage presence, increasing body awareness and non-verbal expression and communication between the musicians, but also interacting with the audience. This production will consist of several workshops and rehearsals that will conclude with a performance on the 5th of June at the art gallery Pictura in Groningen. With this approach, a concrete artistic proposal will develop during the workshops and the musicians will shape the content collectively. We are sure the result will be very meaningful.