We are the creators of this project: Severiano Paoli, Teodora Nedyalkova and Guillem Cabré Salagre.

We are three professional musicians from, respectively, Italy, Bulgaria and Spain, whose paths crossed during our study

years at the Prins Claus Conservatorium in Groningen. We're all experienced in solo, orchestra and ensemble playing, and we

all worked with professional orchestras, in the Netherlands and outside them. We also have own projects, from early to

contemporary music, passing through teaching and researching. While coming from different backgrounds, we all three share

the same passion and fire towards music, and we believe in creating something new which would not only bring professional

satisfaction to us, but also a contribution to the cultural life of the country we live in, the Netherlands.

A new, young and dynamic chamber orchestra from and for the north of the Netherlands.

About this project

The Netherlands is a country with a dynamic cultural life, where the society considers art as a primary value for its development, and

that's why hosts some of the best orchestras in Europe and in the world. In main cities like Amsterdam and Rotterdam you can find

ensembles covering from chamber music up to the biggest symphonic repertoire (e.g. the Koninklijk Concertgebouw Orkest, the

Amsterdam Sinfonietta, etc.).

Unfortunately, the north area of the country (Groningen, Friesland and Drenthe), while having a big symphony orchestra (the Noord

Nederland Orkest) is missing a professional chamber orchestra; thus a big part of the repertoire is seldom, if not almost never,

performed in such regions.

What we want is to found a professional and dynamic chamber orchestra based in the North of the Netherlands. Our

main goals are: bringing beautiful music to our audience, involving our spectators into our performances, and make

classical (but not only!) music popular among younger listeners. Therefore, we will not just play, but also explain our

music, use audio visuals and other means, including other art forms, for an exciting experience.

We believe that youngsters are the audience of the future, and so we have an eye for them. Therefore, we will create projects with

schools and educational structures to involve them and make them enjoy and appreciate great music, not just proposing it to them but

involving them actively into it.

Our startup project is 1 concert in the Kleine Zaal of the Oosterpoort, Groningen.

Support the Kamerorkest van het Noorden, and come to have a great time with us!

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